Our vision, mission, principles, and values shape our company's DNA:


Oilfield Solutions ApS is always ready to respond quickly and agilely to any inquiry. Our team of multicultural employees are a part of our family, and it is important for us to take diligent care of them.

We believe that honesty, flexibility, and integrity are key to maintaining a healthy business, which make our values and principles key to our business. This ensures that we always perform in a sustainable way.


To have long-time relationships.


Our mission is to be the customer’s one-stop supplier of competence services.
We do this by offering customized solutions where the main focus are highly qualified employees and candidates who are experts in each of their fields.
Our employees are our asset, where our focus is on safety, the individual, and the project.


Throughout the years, Oilfield Solutions ApS has had principles that we always strive for as a minimum.

Customized Solutions

With our many different types of competences, we can match most requests. We take great care in finding customized solutions so that we can match the individual customer.


Robust Planning

We make a concrete plan that we work from, so we can ensure that we make a complete execution of the project in question within the imposed period.

The robust planning results in efficient execution of the project.

Timely Delivery

We act quickly when receiving either a CV from a candidate or a request from a client. In addition, our employees make sure to stay within a project’s deadline so that there are no delays. 

Our values express who we are and what we stand for:

Integrity – Safe Working – Highly Qualified Service – Culture

We have created a working environment based on trust and integrity. Oilfield Solutions ApS' business is built around integrity, so we always choose the right solution.

We show integrity through honesty, quality, and morality in our actions. It is important for us to be transparent about this, which is why we do not hide what our policies contain.

We take great pride in showing integrity in relation to our employees and customers, where we show respect and empathy, acknowledge their hard work and nurture relationships.
Our number one priority will always be our employees and their safety.

Oilfield Solutions ApS continuously helps spread and develop safety work and tell our employees that they can turn down a job at any time if they find it too risky. We will always understand and support them in this.

We ensure that our employees read and confirm that they have read the customer’s policies when they are hired.
Oilfield Solutions ApS care about our employees and customers on a personal and individual level.
We make sure that they can feel that we truly know them, their needs and their wishes.

We are committed to maintaining and nurturing relationships by listening to them and finding the right solutions tailored to the specific customer.

Our employees always familiarize themselves with the job before they get into the customer's project, so they accomplish the job the best viable way.
We consider our team of multicultural employees to be part of our family and it is important for us to take care of them.

Oilfield Solutions ApS is used to work in multicultural organizations giving that three of the owners have lived abroad in both shorter and longer periods. Therefore, we are used to adapt different cultures, and both accept and respect all people.

We run the business as a family business where our employees are our most important asset and are treated as same. Our consultants working at our clients’ organization are our employees, and we treat them as part of our family.