Screening, Interview, Presentation, Onboarding & Stay-on

Contracting is when a client sends an inquiry for an open job position, where they request an employee for a limited-time employment. This means that we rent out an employee to the client.


Screening candidates is when we review job applications. This is the process after candidate sourcing. We look at the qualifications, including work experience, your educational background, technological skills, knowledge, and competencies.

First, we look at the mandatory fields (the must-have). Afterwards, we scan for preferred fields (the good-to-have).


This process involves evaluation of candidates’ suitability for the job position. When interviewing a candidate, we start with an unformal conversation with basic questions. We always explain the process of the interview before getting into the initial questions.

We evaluate the candidate in three steps. First, we make an overall rating based on the impression of the person and if they are qualified or disqualified for the position. Second, we rate based on the skills the job position requires. Third, the detailed rating begins. This involves in-depth characterizations and how they match the job position, the organization, and the team.


When the right candidates are selected, we make a professional CV with an evaluation and a front page which we present for the client.


Onboarding is one of the most fundamental steps to a success. We have a lot of focus to do the best onboarding as possible.

Our onboarding process consist of biometric, work visa, and everything else necessary before job start – we assist with all the practical things.

When needed, we can use our Fast-track certification to get employees from abroad to Denmark within a short time.

In 2022 we became Fast-track certified. We do not only find competences in Denmark, but also abroad, and with our it is both easy and fast to get the employee into Denmark.

The fast-track certification makes it easier and faster for our company to recruit employees from abroad. If the employee is qualified, he/she can get a flexible job start in the company.


For us is a long-term relation particularly important to both the client as well for the employee.

Our client – After job start, we do on regularly basis a follow to ensure the employee perform as expected.

Our employee – We are in dialog and do a talk with our employee on regular basis. Part of the dialogue is the catch-up if some adjustments is needed to ensure the employee is filling well, and her/his work life balance is most optimal.