Oilfield Solutions ApS’s CSR policy contains:

  • Human Rights
  • Labor
  • Environment
  • Anti-corruption

We embrace, support, and enact, within our sphere of influence, a set of core values in the areas of human rights, labor standards, the environment and anti-corruption.

Oilfield Solutions ApS is committed to taking responsibility for employees, customers, suppliers, community, and other stakeholders. Therefore, our business strategies comply with our CSR policy, which is why we are self-conscious about our way of running the business. This includes our activities and behavior.

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Oilfield Solutions ApS recognizes our legal, moral, and commercial need to respect internationally proclaimed human rights.

Not only do we honor our country’s national laws hereby, but we also contribute with voluntary initiatives. 

Oilfield Solutions ApS do not cooperate with companies without ensuring that they comply with human rights guidelines, including that employees have the right to rest and leisure. Regarding to this, we collect each customer’s guidelines and policies, so that we at any time can read it.


Oilfield Solutions ApS cares deeply about people’s well-being, and it is important for us to be a company that constantly focuses on guaranteeing a good working environment for ourselves, our employees, and the rest of our supply chain. To achieve this, we combine competences with superior performance and a good community, professionally as well as socially.

Oilfield Solutions ApS is also a workplace that advocates among other gender, sexuality, and ethnicity equality. Our company does not hire based on gender, ethnicity, religion, etc., but on the basis of competences, just as we give a fair salary that is also independent of this. In addition, Oilfield Solutions ApS treats all employees as equal human beings, no matter what job position they have.


As an office-company, we do not have much influence on the environment as we do not have a production, raw materials, or machines. But we are still committed to make environmental efforts where it is possible.

Esbjerg has a goal of reaching carbon neutrality (net zero emissions) by the year of 2030, which we will contribute to by preventing pollution (P2) at our facilities.

Oilfield Solutions ApS’ concrete responses to the issue of climate changes are as followed:

Although we cannot make many efforts for the environment ourselves, we corporate with companies (our customers) which do so. In the energy industry there is many areas the companies can make environmental changes, and Oilfield Solutions ApS are proud of having our employees working at those customers. They have developed a structured management policy to the environmental risks and challenges and are experienced to protect the environment at every level of the organization.


Oilfield Solutions ApS has zero tolerance in any forms of corruption, for instance extortion.