When our client needs help to find an employee to an permanent employment. The client pays a one-off payment for us to find an employee to them.

Based on the client’s request for the employees, both social and professional competences, we start our ASIPO process:

Analyzing – Screening – Interview – Presentation – Onboarding


The process begins by an interview with the company’s representative.

Analysing elements will be:

  1. Who are the “Company”
  2. The company’s values & DNA
  3. The specific job role and title
  4. Job packaged
  5. The perfect candidate’s must-have and good-to-have
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Before we begin the screening process of incoming job applications, we spend time to understand the job role and the requested needs for professional and social competences.

To begin with, we look at the mandatory fields (the must-have). Afterwards, we scan for preferred fields (the good-to-have).


Candidates’ suitability for the job position will be interviewed. We evaluate the candidate in three steps.

First, we make an overall rating based on the impression of the person and if they are qualified or disqualified for the position.

Second, we rate based on the skills the job position requires.

Third, the detailed rating involves in-depth characterizations and how they match the organization, the team, and if they are ready to relocate, if needed, and reason hereof.


When selected candidates, we prepare a professional CV, including the importance for the job match. We also include an evaluation of the candidate and a front page which we present for the client.


When the client has selected the right candidates matching the requests, we will inform the candidate.

The recruitment process has then been ending and the client can start their own onboarding process.

Our onboarding process is not part of our recruitment process but if you, as client, want us to take care of the onboarding process, it is an adding service we can offer.