Clarification, Screening, Interview, Presentation & Close contract

Recruitment is when a client needs help to find an employee to an permanent employment. The client pays a one-off payment for us to find an employee to them.


The clarification includes having a meeting with the client to get details of what candidate they are searching for and what the job position comprises.



Screening candidates is when we review job applications. This is the process after candidate sourcing. We look at the qualifications, including work experience, your educational background, technological skills, knowledge, and competencies.

First, we look at the mandatory fields (the must-have). Afterwards, we scan for preferred fields (the good-to-have).


This process involves evaluation of candidates’ suitability for the job position. When interviewing a candidate, we start with an unformal conversation with basic questions. We always explain the process of the interview before getting into the initial questions.

We evaluate the candidate in three steps. First, we make an overall rating based on the impression of the person and if they are qualified or disqualified for the position. Second, we rate based on the skills the job position requires. Third, the detailed rating begins. This involves in-depth characterizations and how they match the job position, the organization, and the team.


When the right candidates are selected, we make a professional CV with an evaluation and a front page which we present for the client.


Once we have found a candidate for the client, a potential contractual agreement is reached, and we close the deal with the client.